Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know what size nails to order? 

Please measure your nails using a fabric measuring tape from side to side at the widest point of your nail.  Use our sizing guide to determine which tip size you will require for each nail.  You will then be able to order your custom set in small, medium or large.

If you cant be bothered to measure your nails you can purchase one of our size finder sets and test out the nail sizes in person.  Then,  just message us with the tip numbers.

What if I am purchasing them as a gift? 

Please select “full set of 20” nails when selecting your size, or you can purchase one of our ready to ship items that come with 20 nails (2 each size from 0-9)

What if my nails don’t match any of your listed sizes? 

We can custom create a set for you at no extra charge if your nails do not meet the requirements of our pre-sized sets. Please measure your nails using our sizing guide and include a note with your purchase stating which tip sizes you require for which finger.  For this option you need to select “custom size” from the drop down menu.

ie. Thumb 16 , index 13, middle 14, ring 12, pinky 9

usually both hands have nails the same size, but if yours are different, please give us the measurements for all 10 nails.

Do you do custom designs? 

Yes! Whether you want a set for a baby shower, Christmas, valentines, or just to match an outfit for a special occasion… we are happy to create this for you. Just send us a picture or a message via the contact form on our website with your design request and we will work with you to create something perfect!

Do you ship worldwide? 

Unfortunately at this time shipping is only available within the EU.  Please register your interest in international shipping to expedite our transition.

How many nails come in my order? 

Standard pre sized sets of nails come in a package of 10 (one for each finger 😉 ) you can order a full set of 20 nails or order one of our ready to ship sets which have 2 of each size from 0-9 so you can just wear the nails that fit you and do away with the rest.

How do I apply the nails? 

Detailed instructions are included with your order.  All custom painted nails come with an application kit that includes adhesive tabs.  For a longer lasting wear, you can purchase regular nail glue from your local shop.

Do you sell wholesale? 

Yes! A minimum of 10 sets is required for wholesale purchases.  For more information please contact us!

Are the nails reusable?

Yes! If you apply them using the adhesive tabs, you can reuse these nails.  Please follow the removal instructions provided with your order.  You can reuse the nails when using nail glue, but we suggest purchasing an inexpensive electric file, to clean any dried glue from the underside of the nail.

How long do the nails stay on?

The longevity depends on how well your natural nails have been prepped and how hard you are on them once applied. Using the adhesive tabs, you can expect to get 1-7 days wear.  Using nail glue, you can get up to 3 weeks wear.  Keep in mind, that when using the adhesive tabs, the glue will soften when warm.  Suntanning, bathing, hot showers and anything else that will warm up your hands will impact the length of time they stay attached.

What if I am allergic to gel polish and acrylic? 

Please let me know if you have any allergies.  I can paint the nails using regular nail varnish, but I wont be able to do designs with a chrome finish.


We are currently located in Germany.  All of our orders are shipped with DHL . Tracking numbers are not available unless you add the “recorded signed for”  item to your cart.  Tracking is also available when you upgrade your order to a Rush My Order package.  Orders to mainland United Kingdom take between 4 and 7  days.  During busy postal times, this may vary. Cost of shipping is as follows:

DHL Standard Shipping-£3.50

DHL Recorded Shipping-£5.95 This will require a signature on delivery.  Tracking information is available upon request.  Recorded delivery does not speed up the delivery.

What comes with my order?

All orders include a single sheet of 20 adhesive tabs, a mini nail file, an orange wood stick, 2 alcohol swabs and detailed instructions for application and removal.

How long will it take to ship my order? 

At this time custom orders are being completed and shipped within 21 days of payment. We offer a rush service which takes 3 days. Or you can look at our ready to ship items.  These are shipped next day, as are our sizing sample sets and our nail art items.

Do you have any special offers?

Sometimes we have items on sale on the website.  We also run special offers, limited to the followers of our Facebook Page.

Can I see you create the nails? 

Sometimes I record the creation process and post it on my Youtube channel. You might get lucky enough to see yours being created! If you have ordered a custom set you can subscribe to my channel to receive notifications of uploads.


Do you accept cancellations or refunds?

If you cancel an order within 24 hours of payment, or if you receive the item in a defective or damaged state, you will receive a 100% refund. Please read our Returns and Refunds Policy for more information.   If you would like to change your design or color, please message us as soon as possible and we will try to accommodate but this can not be guaranteed.  Please make sure you have measured your nails correctly, we are not responsible if the nails do not fit you. You must read and understand our Terms and Conditions.  By Purchasing our products, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to our terms.


FAQ Designers Package


Once Payment has been received for a designers package, digital downloads will be available to you via the “My Account” section of our website. Please email us if you have additional questions after reading the digital downloads.